The Story Behind Our Family Winery

family owned winery

My passion for Texas grapes comes from generations of wild living. The countless memories of hunting, fishing and harvesting straight from the fertile prairies and riverbanks of the gulf-coast shaped my appreciation for life. The juice of those grapes filled my blood as it filled my belly.

As a child of older and simpler times, the hot summers meant fishing, hunting, and of course, graping. 

My father, grandfather, and I would load down the Model-T and drive ‘til we found a new, unexplored river. The grape vines grew in thick and lush and covered the stream bed and banks with their ripe fruit. We’d spend a few nights in the forest, harvest all we could carry, and head home with our fortune. But I was most excited about the berries.

We’d crush the grapes and Memaw would turn them into jellies and jams while JohnDaddy, my grandfather, would make wine with what he could sneak away with. He’d even spare us kids a bit to turn into honeyed grape juice. We all ate what we could and gave the rest to friends and family; an appreciated treat in that age.

So, you see, Texas River Valley Winery comes by the love of the land and fruit honestly. I lived and breathed the countryside during my youth the same way our ancestors did. My affection for all that the Texas wilderness has to offer comes in the form of grape juice and I want to share it with all those that will give it a try. 

- Mike Murray - Founder and Vintner

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