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Cranberry Wine

Our flavored wines are a perfect complement to any afternoon. Try mixing with sparkling water for a light, hydrating option to enjoy all day long
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black spanish wine made in texas

Cabernet Sauvignon

This easy-going wine pairs well with most cuisine and has an easy mouthfeel that swallows smooth and light. Enjoy notes of ripe blue, black and red fruit. These tasting notes are backed by undertones of coco, vanilla and various earth tones. Merlot is fun to pair with softer poultry and meats on the sweet or savory side.
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blanc du bois texas river valley winery

River Rapids White Wine

This chardonnay is a light flavorful wine that simmers on the tongue, it produces a graceful acidity and faintly fruity sensation that is pleasing to any palate.
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blanc du bois texas river valley winery


Our Gewürztraminer, pronounced Guh-voortz-tra-meen-er, is our medium-bodied white wine with a hint of subtle sweetness. Best served chilled, it maintains a silky texture while delivering a fragrant aroma guaranteed to balance any spicy dish or delicately flavored cheese.
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luna rosa rose wine made in texas


Zinfandel is arguably one of the most popular wines in the United States and throughout the world for good reason. Our Rosy-colored Zin is sweet, refreshing and a worthy choice for new wine drinkers and the experienced connoisseur.
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black spanish wine made in texas

Trio Red

Soft and supple, this mysteriously blended wine is medium-bodied with a hint of stone fruit aroma. Its exclusive combination accompanies any late afternoon and evening meal where it is meant to be savored and enjoyed.
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